Climate Fintech – Digital financial technology that catalyzes decarbonization.
Climate Fintech is simply the intersection of climate, finance, and digital technology. These digital innovations, applications, and platforms serve as crucial financial intermediaries and mediums between all stakeholders pursuing decarbonization.



How can Fintech be channeled and applied to address climate change? Within this report, we set out to explore how Fintech can help mobilize more capital in the pursuit of reducing greenhouse gas emissions (GHG). The inaugural Climate Fintech Report explores crucial intersections of digital financial technology and climate as a fresh perspective by which to pursue decarbonization – through nurturing an emerging digital ecosystem of climate capital catalysts.


Below are Climate Fintech business models which have been sorted based on their application within the financial system. Additionally, we have color coded these business models per the key on the right side, based on the applied technology or framework which is most commonly used by the business model.

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Our Programs enhances the startup value proposition for target customers – whether these are citizens or financial institutions. The focal point is achieving commercialization.

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MioTech is a leading ESG data and solution provider that helps financial companies to supervise, manage, and analyze ESG data for portfolio construction.

Rivtower is a blockchain company that provides integrated solution services for financial institutions, government, renewable energy and IoT.

Carbonstop is China’s first carbon management software company that helps companies calculate, analyze, report, and manage their carbon emissions.

Uni Inclusive is a fintech company that provides digital solutions to optimize green finance activities for financial institutions and governments by improving operational efficiency while reducing cost.

0Shu is a national high-tech enterprise with blockchain underlying technology and deep application scenarios that provide in-depth digitization solutions for automobile, finance, energy, and government.

PowreShare is an innovative AI company providing professional digitization energy services in battery performance, charging and discharging, and grid technology.

Carbonbase provides the easiest way for individuals and corporations to take effective actions against climate change, using blockchain-backed technology to calculate carbon footprints, purchase carbon offsets, and provide rewards for doing so.

Dipole aims to build a reliable and efficient platform to trade distributed energy, allowing customers to trade under any scenario with blockchain and IoT technologies. Dipole also provides energy efficiency and virtual power plant services to end users.

As the first green finance technology service provider in China, the iGreenbank provides solution for the R&D, validation and management of green finance products and carbon MRV(monitoring, reporting and verification) and management using digital technology.

QuantData is a leading ESG and climate risk data service provider in China. Its in-depth data and analytics help financial institutions and corporates on more effective risk management and asset pricing, assisting customers to practice sustainable investing and financing.


Put simply, solving climate change requires creating a new inertia. Since the industrial revolution, large economies have been driven by carbon-emitting energy, agriculture, and industrial systems. The invisible engine underlying it all has been finance; and at last, finance is facing disruption. This report lays the foundation for why it’s so important to leverage this disruption for the benefit of people and planet. 

– Marilyn Waite 

Climate & Clean Energy Finance Program Officer William and Flora Hewlett Foundation 


Christine Lagarde, President of the European Central Bank said that we need forward- looking, dynamic data to address the gap in pricing risk due to climate change and nature loss. We can fix this with a planetary computer that connects satellites and sensors, by sharing information securely using Blockchain technologies, and by leveraging Artificial Intelligence for presentation in a standardized format. When combined, these tools allow for more stakeholders to consider climate risk in their decision-making. Climate Fintech actors will be the first movers to connect the needs with solutions and build a financial ecosystem to save the planet.

– Richard Peers 

Founder | Responsible Risk Solutions 

Asset managers are key contributors to the ecosystem of low-carbon investment. In the evolving pursuit of sustainable investing, Climate Fintech offers solutions to help leverage alternative data, ESG analysis, climate-risk modeling, and ultimately influence investment decision-making. This report shows how these cutting-edge technologies give investors tools to help decarbonize their investment activities, while further assisting countries towards sustainable development.

– Scott Yang 

CEO | China Southern Asset Management 


New Energy Nexus (NEX) is a global nonprofit supporting diverse climate entrepreneurs to accelerate the transition to 100% clean energy for 100% of the population. New Energy Nexus provides funds, accelerators and networks to drive climate tech innovation and adoption.

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